August 31, 2013

Father's Day Gift Roundup

dad and me

Dad can be so hard to gift sometimes, especially because your dad might just be the stoic type who tells everyone not to make a fuss. Well, Dad deserves some pampering too, and if you are stuck on ideas, here are some cute, thoughtful ones that I've come across, that I absolutely love.

1. Make Him a Sock Bouquet

Give dad his traditional socks and jock in a great bouquet form!! Howdoesshe shows a simple way to gift an old favourite. 

2. Oven gloves boxing mitts

If Dad loves to cook but is trying to be manly about it, these oven mitts are so cute and super kitschy. And I love kitsch!! Buy them here from Amazon

3. Flavoured Salts

If your dad likes cooking and barbecuing, he'll probably enjoy flavoured finishing salts. Relinquish the tongs to the barbecue by making him flavoured salts, or pick up some gourmet ones to go into a I-love-you-dad hamper!

4. Bring your own condiments to the table

Barbecues usually also come with a whole plethora of condiments, mustards, sauces...So if your dad is into the barbecue, why not make your own sauces to make his food shine! I've got a few recipes here that you can try - the tomato sauce turns out especially well. 

5. Make your own spiced nuts


If your dad is the beer chugging sort of bloke, then there are a multitude of beer nut flavour combos you can try out! The secret to getting a nice outer coating is to use egg whites. Read the full post here.

6. Breakfast of Champions


Sometimes you want bacon, eggs and ice cream in a glorious, heart attack inducing breakfast. Well, with Heston's Bacon and Egg ice cream, you can condense all that enjoyment into one intense scoop. I tried out the recipe, here.

7. Customize his coffee mug

Does dad love coffee in the morning? Well you can take that to a whole new level with this super easy way to jazz up plain ol mugs. A beautiful mess has a great tutorial here, complete with gorgeous pictures. Even better, sit down and have that cup of coffee with him.


I hope this roundup has helped you with ideas in the 11th hour - Fathers' Day is tomorrow! How time flies!

The most important thing - beyond gifts - is to always remember to treasure and appreciate your dad. Listen to his jokes and stories, go visit the old places where he used to play/go to school/go fishing, and go to the movies with him, rather than just getting him movie vouchers.

I lost my dad a little over 6 years ago now, and there isn't a day where I wish we could go to the movies together, or share a joke again. Those dad jokes are more precious than you know.

Anyways, what are you doing this Fathers' Day?

Happy Fathers' Day y'all!

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At September 2, 2013 at 8:59 AM , Blogger Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

The sock bouquet is a genius idea! Happy fathers day to your daddy! x


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