June 16, 2014

Drive-by Eating: Doughbox Diner


There are meals, and then there are meals. And just like the hobbits had second breakfast, I think there's plenty of room for more meals in the day.

Which is why, after a somewhat unsatisfying dinner the other night, we stopped by an old favourite for a drive-by meal: Doughbox diner in Enmore.

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June 06, 2014

Mini Scotch Eggs


I think I have food ADD. I love food, but I crave the variety. Maybe it's from growing up in an Asian culture - once you have dinners that involve a smorgasbord of different platters from which you can pick, you'll never truly go back to single plate dining.

But I digress.

Ever since the Beak and Sons launch I attended the other week, I had sausages sitting in my fridge, and really, we all know I don't just eat them straight if I had a choice. =)
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June 04, 2014

Chica Linda, Surry Hills

Chicken Hearts with Bacon, Cilantro and Tougarashi, $6

After months of being tempted by countless Instagram photos of mouthwatering foods coming out of the kitchens at Drink and Dine's (the same people who brought you The Oxford Tavern, the House of Crabs and others) latest offering - Chica Linda - I finally got the chance to taste some of this goodness myself.

After all, when a restaurant menu says "Latino specialities", I imagine someone's abuela puttering about behind a stove, loading up plates full of fragrant, punchy food.

And I think that people's abuelas can often be very underrated.

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June 02, 2014

Drive-by Eating: Lim's Hot Bread, Eastwood


You know those days when you just have to grab food on the run? Where you're walking while you're eating, trying not to spill random bits of a sandwich down your shirt? Those are the days that I call Drive-by eating, where the ol' grab-and-run is the order of the day.

I find that Vietnamese pork rolls are one of the best options for this: it's compact, flavourful, filling, and served in a paper bag that catches all the errant sandwich fall-outs.

Which is why I always find myself at my local bakery, en route to my weekly grocery shop.
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May 30, 2014

Ash E Reshteh (Persian Noodle Soup)

Winter is the season for noodle soups, and I don't discriminate! From chicken noodle soups, to one-pot man soups, and everything in-between, noodle soups are the perfect all-in-one dish to soothe a cold and rejuvenate a tired body.

So why not expand your noodle soup horizons with this version of a Persian classic?

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