May 14, 2014

Google City Experts: Victor Churchill, Woollahra

layout 2
Clockwise from top left: Google flag, Michael carving up a whole lamb, meat dry ageing in the himalayan salt room, a whole lamb, celebrity chalk scribblings on the shop walls

Victor Churchill, to me, is an absolute wonderland of charcuterie and meats. I've previously written about my work experience there - culminating in meeting Anthony Bourdain! - and how much in awe I am of head chef Romeo Baudouin's food philosophy. He taught me that within running a business - that is, keeping an eye on being profitable - there is space for good food and good practices. There is so much that goes into every product that he puts up into those glass cabinets, I still don't know where he gets all the inspiration.

So when Google City Experts invited me to canapés and drinks at Victor Churchill, I absolutely could not say no!

food layout
Clockwise from top left: Pork belly with Corn Salsa, Bresaola Cigars with Parmesan and Eschallots, Charcuterie Platter, Roast Beef with Sauce Bearnaise and Duck Fat Potatoes, Mini Lemon Meringue Tarts

The food, of course was amazing. I ate till I was stuffed, and then ate some more. From vol-au-vents with a creamy chicken filling, to house-made sausage rolls with tomato chutney, to roast beef with freshly made Sauce Bearnaise and Duck Fat Potatoes (!) - of which I had three servings I think - my tastebuds were kept tingling and utterly entertained with every bite. I just could not stop.

But eating wasn't the only thing that I got to do!

layout 3

Victor Churchill on Urbanspoon
We also got to have a one-on-one session with one of the butchers - Michael - on how to french a lamb shank. We each got to try it, hands on, after a quick demonstration.

It was really fantastic to be back, and Google City Experts really made it an event to remember. I loved the extra touch in organising hands-on experiences, and the impressive demonstration in taking apart a whole lamb! We even got a beautifully wrapped lamb shoulder to take home!

You can join Google City Experts too! Just click here to sign up with your Google account.

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At May 15, 2014 at 10:29 PM , Anonymous Macky Blaise said...

Great! You've said that "So when Google City Experts invited me to canapés and drinks at Victor Churchill, I absolutely could not say no". Makes me more interested to fly there.


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