February 13, 2013

Stories From My Childhood, Part 1

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View from the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands

Happy Lunar New Year y'all!!! (And happy Valentine's Day if you celebrate it!) Chinese New Year has always been a tasty and food-filled tradition for me and this year hasn't been any different. Most of my childhood memories are closely associated with food, and growing up in a food obsessed culture, it's not hard to see why.
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February 08, 2013



Sometimes you want something. Then you set out a plan to get it. Plan fails. Suddenly this something becomes a goal. Plan again. Plan fails again.

Now it's a MISSION.

And that was what trying to get to EatArtTruck was. A mission. A mission to eat tasty chicken wings and ceviche that has a reputation that precedes it.
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February 01, 2013

Hana Hana, Haymarket


As one of the budget conscious (aren't we all?), I love this new trend of relatively cheap places to eat popping up in the city! As always, how much you eat will affect how much money you spend - the more sides you add on the more it will cost - and it might not end up being very cheap at all, but I just like the option of having a cheap meal if I so choose to.
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