August 31, 2013

Father's Day Gift Roundup

dad and me

Dad can be so hard to gift sometimes, especially because your dad might just be the stoic type who tells everyone not to make a fuss. Well, Dad deserves some pampering too, and if you are stuck on ideas, here are some cute, thoughtful ones that I've come across, that I absolutely love.

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August 28, 2013

Heston's Bacon and Egg Ice Cream


In the spirit of Fathers' Day being just round the corner, and in support of dude food, I decided to try Heston Blumenthal's Bacon and Egg Ice Cream. This recipe is an absolute crackup - you should really watch the faces of people who first try this - and it's so amazingly easy to carry out.

This smooth rich ice cream actually tastes intensely of bacon and egg, and the custard is actually more delicious than the ice cream. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

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August 26, 2013

Spiced Nuts


With Father's Day just round the corner, I'm sure everyone's racking their brains to figure out just how to spoil dad. Well, if your dad loves flavoured nuts, I've got a really simple recipe here for you.

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August 24, 2013

Lindt Dome of Decadence


I love how Lindt always comes up with new things! This time, it's a cracker of a dessert that they've called the Lindt Dome of Decadence.

According to Marketing Director of Lindt Andrew Curran, there is a very deep seated psychology that has to do with people and eating chocolate. Apparently, chocolate enjoyers are divided into two categories: Controllers, and Indulgers. The controllers love to enjoy and savour their chocolate in small amounts, and the indulgers just love to dive head first into abundant amounts of the stuff.

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August 12, 2013

Cherry Bean Cafe, Eastwood


Eastwood is home to a plethora of different cafes and bakeries, and I LOVE IT. So one morning, before doing the groceries, a leisurely brunch seemed to be in order.

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August 04, 2013

Japan City, Top Ryde


I always thought that Japan City was a gift shop. Really, I did. I used to walk by the one at the Westfield's in Hornsby and stare at amazement at the utterly cute things in the window. Well, little did I know that it also had a sushi bar! Would the food be as adorable as the random gifts?

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