April 30, 2014

Korean Food Crawl, Haymarket

Chilli Chicken with Cheese, Arisun
After going on my first official food crawl, I have to admit that I'm hooked. There's just something really exciting - to me anyway - about the prospect of eating a huge variety of dishes with a large group.

Which is why when Jen of I Ate My Way Through organised a dinner at Naruone for foodies, I leapt at the chance, hoping that this innocent dinner would turn into an epic food crawl.

After all, when you have foodies together in a group, who knows what will happen?

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April 28, 2014

Test Kitchen: Shaved Brussels Sprouts With Walnuts, Lemon and Parmesan


Y'all know that I absolutely LOVE testing and posting up recipes on the blog, but I'm sure it's not as obvious that each recipe that I put up goes through hours of research, testing, a myriad of different versions, and agonising decisions regarding how it should look.

I usually start with either a craving or ingredients that I have in my kitchen, and then do tons of research to try and find interesting things to create with it. Sometimes I try out a pre-written recipe to start off with, or sometimes I start throwing things together and go from there.

Well, once in a while, a recipe just doesn't go quite right, or just plum doesn't work out the way you want it to!

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April 25, 2014

Fully Loaded Truffle Accented Hasselback Potatoes


Who doesn't love fully loaded potato anything?! Roasted potatoes gives us such a beautiful, comforting, starchy base that it just begs to be loaded up with a myriad of toppings to add to the awesomeness!

Roasted potatoes can take many forms - you can have anything from the classic cut potatoes, the funky smashed chats for maximum crispy surface areas, to the fancy looking but very simple Hasselback potatoes!

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April 23, 2014

Chambers Fine Coffee & Wine Bar, Rhodes


Have you seen a sadder burger?

We had taken a long walk to Rhodes and were starving. Ribs and Burgers had been on my list of places to try for a long while, but some how - yes I know I've been living under a rock - I completely forgot that it was Good Friday, and that just about everywhere was closed for the holiday.

But we wanted ribs, and we wanted burgers, and WE WANTED IT NOWWWWWW.

So we decided to try Chambers Fine Coffee and Wine Bar, which also had ribs and burgers on the menu.

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April 21, 2014

Dainty Dumpling House, Rhodes


Sydney certainly has no lack of dumpling joints. From Din Tai Fung to New Shanghai to Taste of Shanghai, a craving for dumplings need never go unsatisfied.

So when a new dumpling place opens up. it certainly needs something to set itself apart.

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April 09, 2014

Tan Viet, Eastwood


Tan Viet has been synonymous with crispy chicken for quite some time, and with good reason! With outlets at Cabramatta and Canley Heights, they provide chicken that is crispy not crispy because of any 'aids' like batters or breadcrumbs, but from it's own...chickenyness.

Naturally, when restaurants in Australia seem to thrive on variety - have you seen Asian restaurants with a menu as long as your arm? - I just had to find out how anyone has managed to specialise in a particular thing to such a degree.

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April 06, 2014



Bread is one of those things - you're not guaranteed a result even if you are given the recipe. It takes technique, with the right recipe and the right conditions, to achieve the fluffy interior and crusty exterior that is the holy grail of white bread.

I've dabbled with bread on and off over the years, but I knew that I would absolutely get back to figuring this culinary puzzle out if it was the last thing I did!!

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April 02, 2014

Canley Heights Food Crawl, Part 2

Goodness gracious great bowls of noodles! 1.5kg Pho Challenge at Huong Xua
Three restaurants down, and three to go in the epic food crawl with Thang, Isaac, Amy, Christine, Jeroxie and Kate! At this point, we're starting to breathe more heavily, and feeling that fullness that comes with a satisfying meal.

But are we done? NEVER!!!

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April 01, 2014

Canley Heights Food Crawl, Part 1


I'm always envious when people talk about going on pub crawls, since I'm slightly allergic to alcohol - tasting is okay, drinking is apparently not. I always feel like I keep missing out on all the fun!! So when Thang from Noodlies organised a food crawl in Canley Heights with the Fairfield Council, I jumped at the chance!

6 restaurants in 3 hours, will we SURVIVE THE EATING????!!!! Well Thang, Jeroxie, Amy, Christine, Isaac, Kate and I were going to find out.
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