October 29, 2013

Parramatta Lanes


I've finally popped my Parramatta Lanes cherry!!! After missing the previous years because, well, life got in the way, I finally managed to make some time to go! My mission was to stuff my face with good food, and I wasn't disappointed!

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October 27, 2013

Pineapple, Lime and Chilli Sorbet


Like any person with a new toy, I'm completely obsessed with different flavours of sorbets/ice creams/frozen treats right now. Anything becomes and inspiration, and everyone knows I love trying new things. Well, a long time ago I came across a recipe for Lime and Chilli Sorbet, and because limes can be expensive all by their lonesome, I thought to finish that tropical theme and use pineapple juice as well.

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October 23, 2013

Night Noodle Markets


It's that time of the year again! SMH's Good Food Month has rolled around again, and the whole of October is filled with amazing food from all around the world. The Night Noodle Markets are a must-visit for me every year, which gives me my need-for-variety fix in one place.

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October 15, 2013

What does it mean to be Singaporean? Singapore Day 2013


I find that it's rare as an adult to look forward to a full weekend. Most people I know have such a packed week that having many plans on the weekend isn't such an attractive thing. I feel for you man, I feel for you.

But what if it was a weekend filled with food?

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October 11, 2013

SPAM, aka shoulder pork and ham


Okay. I admit it. I really like SPAM. Short for Shoulder Pork and Ham, SPAM was introduced to me as 'luncheon meat'. I fondly remember having fried, sliced luncheon meat on rice, with stir fried vegetables and sambal chilli on the side. It was a typical weekday after-school lunch that was amazingly comforting.

So when my challenge theme for this month was "Guilty Pleasures: Recipes Inspired By Cheez Whiz, Spam, Twinkies and Their Delicious Cousins", I knew that I wanted to make another comforting meal, that's maybe just a tad less guilty than my fond memories of SPAM.

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October 09, 2013

Ginger and Shallot, Eastwood


Sometimes you want a change. Sometimes you want something new. And sometimes, you want familiar, comforting food in a new environment.

And that's how we ended up at Ginger & Shallots. Every time I passed by this bustling, always-busy restaurant, I see fresh hot food getting brought out to tables of happy families and friends. Safe choice right?

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October 07, 2013

Will you waste food to prove a point?

I am an absolute advocate of reducing food waste. Not only is it bad for the wallet - you wouldn't throw money into the bin would you? - I also find it incredibly disrespectful of people's hard work in producing the food for you to buy.

But what happens when you don't believe in the food producer?

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October 05, 2013

My Chocolate Shoppe, Kiama


I think high tea has somehow fallen out of popularity. I wonder why, because I've had fond memories of high tea from when I was a kid. My parents would bring me to high tea at a hotel, where everything was shiny and dainty and...mini! As a kid, I thought that high tea was about kids, because everything seemed to be kid sized - itty bitty cucumber sandwiches anyone? - but now I know better.

High tea - in my opinion - isn't so much about the food, it's about the experience. It's about the dainty. It's about the sipping tea and lunching with your friends.

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October 02, 2013

What kind of low life steals plants?

photo 1-1

Some people have pets, I have plants. There is nothing more rewarding to me than to be able to feed my family and friends not only a meal I've cooked from scratch, but a meal made with ingredients that I've nurtured from a little seed.

So imagine my shock and horror to wake up and discover that in the dead of the night, my plants have been stolen.

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October 01, 2013

Jean's Chilli Chicken, Eastwood


There has been a lot of brouhaha revolving around Korean Fried Chicken, but I think that there hasn't been nearly enough recognition for it's fiestier cousin - the chilli chicken.
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