February 25, 2014

4Fourteen, Surry Hills


Maybe it's because I'm a glutton for the weird and wonderful, or maybe it's because I have strange preferences, either way, when I heard that 4Fourteen offered an offal set menu, it became the next big place on my eat list.

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February 22, 2014

Pepsi Next, Product Talk by Nuffnang

When the days are hot and stifling in its humidity, I always crave a cold sweet drink to quench my thirst. Which is why I was really excited when Nuffnang offered me the opportunity - as part of Product Talk by Nuffnang, to try the new Pepsi Next.

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February 13, 2014

Bloody Mary Granita Canapés


With some days still nearing 30C, I think that cold canapés are still in order! So, in a twist to sweet sorbets, I made this savoury granita, great for an end-of-summer party!

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February 11, 2014

What I ate: 2 Ingredient Mango Froyo


Summer, the season of sweet ripe fruits and plenty of inspiration! So what do you do when you buy mangoes in bulk and they're ripening at a faster pace than you can eat them? Make delicious desserts of course!

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February 09, 2014

Spiced Pumpkin Ice Cream


Sometimes you plan to do things, and sometimes things get away from  you. I had originally wanted to do a pumpkin ice cream for the Christmas/Thanksgiving season, but kept putting it off and putting it off...and so here it is now!!

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February 04, 2014

Pomelo Salad


Happy Lunar New Year y'all!!! May you prosper, enjoy good grades, languish in good health, live a long life and just generally have a good time in the year ahead. If you're not familiar with it already, Chinese New Year happens in the first 15 days of the lunar calendar cycle, and I see it as an excuse for Chinese (and Vietnamese and Thai) all over the world to see their family and friends, and party and feast hedonistically and guilt-free for slightly over two weeks.

Which is why I would like to share the recipe for this pomelo salad - pomelo is meant to signify abundance so it's lucky to eat. And besides, it's darn tasty.

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