April 27, 2013

Passionfruit Curd Filled Muffins


More stuff in the mail! The lovely people from Beyond the Square has sent me more interesting product to try, and this time I've got fruit curds from Anathoth! Now I've already blogged about their amazing jams, and I'm a big supporter of preserves, because it gives you a little taste of summer when the fruits are no longer in season!

So with the passionfruit curd I thought it might be interesting to make a filled muffin, because I think that provides the best muffin-to-curd ratio with every bite!
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April 20, 2013

What I ate: Brussel Sprouts


It's that time of the week again, where I look in my fridge and wonder what I'm going to do with the random things that are in my fridge and pantry. This time it's the great winter veg: the brussel sprout!

Brussel sprouts get such a bad rep because of the possibility of them being bitter, but that's also because many places that sell brussel sprouts tend to boil them to death, like the 'steamed veg' option in a bad steak restaurant. But they actually taste really lovely when done right, and are really not that hard to cook.
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April 04, 2013

Kiama, Part 1

I haven't forgotten you, I promise! How has your long weekend been? It's been a great Easter for me, and it all kicked off with a short holiday to Kiama.

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